My Professional Career


I’ve loved being a nurse, whether in the Operating Room assisting a surgeon, or providing primary care in a Family Practice Clinic. I’ve spent over 20 years in healthcare attending to the needs of not just my patients but their families as well. Its been a great joy to be able to serve others in this way. My great passion continues to be to ease suffering , empower others and help bring about a more balanced life.

I graduated with honors from Purdue University in 1993 with my ADN, Linfield College awarded me a Bachelor’s in Nursing and I received a Masters of Science in Nursing from Indiana State University in 2010.

I raised four beautiful children and now have 5 and counting grandchildren. I enjoy country life and have several pets and a goat or two. I’m planning to buy a loom and get busy making rugs and other textiles. These are just a few of the wonderful things in my life.


All Things Natural


What better way to align our minds and hearts than with nature? This gorgeous Earth has every abundant path with which to find happiness, joy, balance and deep connection. We have only to open our eyes to take advantage of what is already before us. Every answer we seek, every experience we desire is waiting for us to discover within the beauty, serenity and truth of Nature. Feel secure, trust this truth and live in harmony with all that is.