Crystal Bed Energetic Alignments

John of God Crystal BedHealing Bed



As an owner/operator of a John of God Brazilian crystal bed, I’m proud to offer you the opportunity to experience the profound healing that results from as little as 20 minutes of crystal bed therapy. The crystal bed combines light, color and coherent energy filtered through specially cut quartz crystals. These quartz crystals, mined only in Brazil are carefully and intentionally faceted to produce specific tones or frequencies of light. This set of coherent lights are played in a harmonic color frequency created specifically to re align the body’s subtle energy centers.produce specific patterns which re balance the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Some of the benefits of this amazing healing modality include increased ability to process thoughts and feelings, energetic release of trauma, deep relaxation, improved concentration and creativity. The energetic healing is directed by your own subtle body patterns, your intentions and desire for wellness. These are just a sampling of the benefits gained from using the Crystal Bed.

This crystal light therapy was initiated by the channeled spirits of healers who assist John of God in his daily work. These spirits are well known to include St Ignatius of Loyola and Padre Pio.  John of God is a Brazilian full body medium who’s work over the last 40+ years has helped heal millions of people all over the world.  John of God has a healing center in Abadiania Brazil known as La Casa de Dom Ignacio. These non physical beings also known as healing entities work in and around the Casa and with all those deeply connected with the Casa family, including us.  These are the same entities who are incorporated by the Medium Joao Teixeira de Faria , or John of God when he is performing his healing work.



Sessions cost $30 for 20 minutes and $60 for 40 minutes.


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